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Threatening the Lady

Womens Self Defense

A must have guide for all women wishing to be able to protect themselves from aggressive men. In today's society it is a sad fact that a minority of men seek to abuse and under mind women thought intimidation and violence. This e-book explains how to protect yourself from these's low life scum using proven self defense strategies.

This is a women's self defenses e-book for all women and girls from all walks of life and all ages.

Yes that means YOU

This book is the written equivalent of the ladies self defense course I have been teaching for many years. Read the below testimonial. You will be getting in written form the exact same course.

Peter Kent FREC
Staff Development Manager

Dear Andrew,

May I take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent Ladies Self Defense/Protection Workshop you ran for us recently.

The techniques involved were presented in a readily comprehensive fashion which all participants picked up almost immediately. Whilst the physical element is very important, the emphasis on mental judgement in dangerous situations really balanced the learning.

Together with the legal and safety aspects involved, all in all a very professionally arranged and conducted training session.

Shorterm will certainly be inviting you back next year!

Yours sincerely,

Peter Kent FREC
Staff Development Manager
Shorterm Engineers Ltd.
More then 30 years of excellence.

Written in a conversational manner making it easy to follow and relate to, with many real life examples

I know when you where a girl your mum told you not to speak to strangers and not walk home on your own etc

Well this book goes way beyond common sense information. Focusing on easy to implement proven strategies for self-protection. Dealing with situations before they occur and of course how to defend yourself when attacked

The book covers the following information

The law explained in plain English

Clear explanation (not legal speak) of the law as used by the police on day-by-day basis With examples of legal and non- legal use of force to defend yourself giving you a simple but clear guide to your rights to defend yourself.

Personal Space

  • What is personal space and how do you use it?
  • Should you fight for it? How severely should you defend it?
  • Awareness

  • Awareness / observation the key to all defense situations.
  • The unique advantages of women in defense situations
  • Become invisible to the attackers by projecting the right profile

  • Do not be like the people who are always mugged or picked on. Discover the secret of those who are never mugged!
  • Be invisible to the aggressors.
  • Allows danger to pass you by unnoticed by avoiding a Victim Profile.
  • The remedy for the victim profile.
  • Male strength how to defeat it

    3-part strategy to allow you to defeat the more powerful male.

    Be prepared for any Self Defense situation with the Ten levels of awareness

  • Which of the TEN levels are you in now?
  • Is this making you a target?
  • The TEN levels allow you to be prepared for anything with out being paranoid.
  • The moral dilemma that will get you beaten up

  • What is it. Why it cause so many problems, how to make it work for you.
  • How many times have I spoken to a martial artist or tough guy that got beaten up because he did not know when he should turn on the juice and while he's thinking about it he gets slammed.Do not let this happen to you.Learn the soultion to the moral dilemma now
  • Should you carrying a weapon?

  • Should you or shouldn't you ? all the anserws here in a simple to understand approach
  • Seven life saving techniques you can use now

  • Instruction in 7 "all purpose" defense techniques
  • Effective in any street defense situation.
  • Easy to learn, master today.
  • How to Escape from

  • Strangulation
  • Body grabs
  • Clothing grabs
  • Grabs and Strikes
  • Defense scenarios practices

  • Alleyways, public buildings, path ways
  • Cars, buses, trains
  • Outside car
  • Ground pins
  • Where to go from here

  • Advise and guidance on how to improve and continue to use these skill's

  • Useful information obtained from varies police authorities. Giving advice on issues connected to lady's self protection and well being.
  • All this for only $29.74

    Yes only $29.74 all my other books retail for $47 but this book is priced so every women can afford it


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